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Cocksox Pro Collection - your unfair advantage

No matter your profession, Cocksox offers the ultimate support and comfort to get through the day. The Pro Collection was inspired by the diversity of our fans around the world, and the unique ways that Cocksox support them as they take on the task at hand.

Featuring luxuriously silky Modal fabric, Pro Collection underwear sit serenely under your uniform in a flattering fit. The natural fibres wick moisture for a fresh feeling right through the day, and a specially designed narrow waistband offers a streamlined discrete profile under your clothes.


Meet the professionals

To showcase the unfair advantage that Cocksox underwear gives, we've taken four professions as inspiration for each of the Pro Collection woven pinstripe colourways.


The General

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To command the respect of those in your charge, you need to exude a fearless confidence as a leader forging a path to triumph. A masculine combination of a powerful blue with olive green pinstripes will take your underwear to the top ranks.


The Coach

Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX12PRO Pro Collection underwear boxer shorts in The Coach colourway

Use your skilful prowess and ability to guide others and allow their own talent to flourish. With crisp grey pinstripes on classic white underwear, these styles will sit discretely under your activewear. The Pro Collection strives for the same outcome as you - maximum performance.


The Banker

Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX76PRO Pro Collection underwear sports briefs in The Banker colourway

For men who know the best acquisition you can make is the ultimate in supportive underwear. Invest in this smart combination of grey pinstripes on black underwear - a look as sharp as any suit in your wardrobe. Underwear with no risks that yields plenty of return.


The Designer

Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX68PRO Pro Collection underwear trunks in The Designer colourway

Functional form and elegantly refined aesthetics, the elements of the Pro Collection are sewn together in perfect harmony. A stylishly clean blend of two-tone grey paired with the luxurious chic of the Modal fabric, the perfect outline to create an impeccable look


Choose your perfect Pro Collection underwear

The Pro Collection is featured across five classic underwear cuts:-

CX12PRO Boxer - A luxurious design with seamless back and sides for a flattering wraparound fit
CX68PRO Trunk - Skimpy trunks with high-cut sides and the Contour Pouch out front
CX76PRO Sports Brief - The ultimate design for the highly active man
CX05PRO Thong - Minimal coverage out back, maximum comfort out front, and the addition of a waistband for extra support
CX14PRO Slingshot - The closest feeling to nothing at all under your office suit or your gym clothes


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The neutral colourways have been chosen to compliment any profession, and any man who wears Pro Collection underwear. Whatever they do in their work day, all men are the same underneath - and share the need for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Get your unfair advantage today - get Cocksox Pro Collection underwear!

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