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Men’s long johns are an essential layer for warmth in cool climate outdoor activities. The Cocksox CX92 is back in our range with a new and improved pouch design. Get the signature comfort and support that you just won’t find in other brands of men’s long john underwear.

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The CX92 covers from waist to ankles in our luxurious Supplex/Lycra fabric blend. This ultra-soft breathable fabric keeps you warm and maintains optimal muscle performance.

Cocksox men’s long johns feature our unique Contour Pouch design, holding you closer to the body for ultimate comfort and support during periods of high activity. With your long johns underwear sorted, you can keep your focus on your outdoor pursuits. And remember, it’s not just in the cold where Cocksox has you covered, we are your perfect support crew for every day of the week.

More reasons to buy men’s long johns online in Australia

The primary reason to buy men’s long johns is for a base layer to maintain warmth. But unlike most other brands, we care just as much abut the fit. Our technologically advanced fabrics hold shape and won’t ride up when you’re on the move, and will form to the body in a flattering fit.

Our fabrics also wick moisture from the body. In long underwear you will always generate some excess heat that gets released in the form of moisture - sweat in other words. But if the fabric doesn’t wick that away, you’ll soon feel the chill when the cold air meets that moisture. 

The Cocksox long John comes in a range of colours and prints, so you can maintain your stylish look wherever you go. 

Shop long johns online today, and take the superior Cocksox support and comfort on your next cool climate adventure.