Cocksox celebrates 9th birthday with Neoprene swimwear release!

Gentleman, this is your moment. It’s time to take the beach by full frontal assault.

Cocksox celebrates its 9th birthday with the launch of Neoprene swimwear!

That’s right. Neoprene. Step into a new sensation with these elite designs made from a stunning modern fabric.

Reinforced with hardcore zips, binds, clasps and the amazingly sexy cutaway style, these new Cocksox take no prisoners.

The lightweight, one millimetre Neoprene adapts to your body shape and its inherent strength allows for rigorous action, in and out of the water. Cocksox Neoprene swimwear withstands degradation, holds shape and takes bold to a whole new level.

With full butt coverage, skimpy waist and original Cocksox pouch out front, the CX02 swim briefs are already a classic. For the first time ever they are now available in irrepressible Neoprene. With this stretchy and resilient fabric, and now loaded with a hip side quick release buckle, you hit the waves buoyant with a rebellious free-radical spirit.

The funky square cut CX08NP swim trunks feature a punchy contrasting bind and functional hip side zipCX79NP Extreme boy-leg swim briefs sport sexy raw edge cutaway features, another never seen before addition to the Cocksox arsenal.

Each of these classic Cocksox styles are available in three potent colour combinations. Take your pick from Stealth Black, Covert Blue or Impact Red.

As always the Cocksox cuts provide maximum comfort and support, coupled with this stunning Neoprene you’re staring down the barrel of your next piece of essential swimwear.

Cocksox Neoprene swimwear. Lock and load.

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