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From boxers and briefs through to thongs and jockstraps, men are being supported better than ever

Could it be that the first thing you do each morning sets you up for a bad day ahead? A piece of clothing you wear the longest and that sits closest to the body, isn't always closest to a man's heart when it comes time to buy. Lacklustre support, poor fabric that doesn't breathe or wick moisture from the body - if this sounds all too familiar it's time to face a fact, you need better underwear!

These days there's simply no excuse - the range of styles and designs available in men's underwear is wider than ever. And while the phrase "quality comes with a price tag" often sends shivers down a guy's spine, it's high time you ditched the bargain bucket multipack boxer briefs from the end of the supermarket aisle. A great pair of underwear is actually priced relative to the rest of your outfit, not to mention that the superior fabric and construction will long outlast cheap and cheerful pairs in any case.

Your underwear stays on longer each day than your shoes, so they deserve the same attention when it comes to the fit and feel. Every pair of underwear is designed to serve a purpose, from everyday comfort through to ultimate support during high activity. Then there are those more playful pairs that only a special someone will see - after all, you need to look your best when wearing the least!

To help you narrow in on your perfect pair, we've put together this simple guide to the eight best underwear styles all men need to know.

  1. The underwear brief

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX01 underwear brief

    Minimalist design, maximum style and support. When you keep it this simple there's little that can go wrong. A low rise cut with a thin internal elastic waistband, and full coverage front and back. Often referred to as a micro-brief or a bikini (although other designs can also bear that name, more on that later), the underwear brief will sit discretely low on the body and keep you supported in luxurious comfort all day long.

    From the Cocksox range - CX01 Underwear Brief

  2. The underwear thong

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX05 Underwear Thong

    Flash the flesh out back, while still getting maximum comfort up front. Men wear thongs for much the same reasons as ladies do - no visible lines under tight fitting pants, minimal fabric when worn during athletic activity, and ultimate sex appeal by leaving more on show. That's why the male underwear thong is one of the fastest growing in popularity in today's market.

    Undeniably sexy with a flattering plunging waist line, yet when paired with the right fit in the pouch a thong is a supremely comfortable choice for everyday wear. The low-rise cut will sit discretely under your pants below your natural waistline, so nobody will know you are wearing it - until you want them to!

    From the Cocksox range - CX05 Underwear Thong

  3. The boxer

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX12 Underwear Boxer

    Possibly the most luxuriously comfortable underwear a man can wear. A great boxer will give you all day support and the deluxe feeling of superior fabric down to the top of the thigh. This highly versatile design can be worn under your office suit or your training skin at the gym. Choose a pair with seamless back and sides for a flattering shape for all men.

    From the Cocksox range - CX12 Boxer

  4. The bikini brief

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX16 Men's Underwear Bikini Brief

    Full coverage front and back, but cut thigh-high on the sides, the bikini brief is another sexy style with an everyday practical side that should not be ignored. The high cut sides offer excellent freedom of movement, keep you cool, and guarantee comfort for men who are muscular in the thighs. And for those looking to party hard and attract attention, the framing effect of the pouch region is sure to play to the crowd.

    Perhaps the most important feature of a comfortable bikini brief is an ultra-soft waistband. With no fabric on the sides to blend into, poor quality fabric around your waist will just dig painfully into your hips. Get it right and a bikini brief could be the one that changes your mind about men's underwear forever.

    From the Cocksox range - CX16 Bikini Brief

  5. The jockstrap

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX21 men's underwear jockstrap

    The underwear of choice for active men for over a century. The theory behind the design is simple - fabric where it's needed for support in the pouch, no fabric out back where you can do without it, and a pair of straps and an extra-wide waistband to hold the garment in place.

    The benefits of an open back are two-fold. With no fabric to bunch up there are no worries about comfort, while you can't get any better way of keeping that fresh feeling than by having nothing there at all. And keeping fresh is just as important out front too, the best jockstrap designs will have an uplifting pouch that keeps your boys away from the body. A legendary sporty design that in modern times has also come to be seen as a sexy staple. Underwear for all types of players!

    From the Cocksox range - CX21 Jockstrap

  6. The trunk

    Catalogue images featuring Cocksox CX68 mens's underwear trunks

    With a shorter leg opening than a boxer, a square-cut trunk will minimise the chance of fabric bunching under your clothes while still offering greater coverage than a pair of briefs. The skimpy cut of a trunk is also designed to sit lower on the waist, in fact it should rest on your hip. A common error that men make when discovering trunks for the first time is to try and pull them up as high on the waist as other styles.

    From the Cocksox range - CX68 Underwear Trunk

  7. The sports brief

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX76 men's underwear sports brief

    Designed for active men, this sporty style offers excellent freedom of movement without compromising support where it counts. With less fabric than boxer or trunk designs, the best sports briefs will keep that barely-there feel while holding everything comfortably in place.

    High performance moisture-wicking fabric is a must for a great pair of sports briefs, as are tag-free printed care labels, elasticated leg openings and soft waistbands. While the focus is on support, the elegant chic curves of the sports brief design keeps your style game at its peak. Equally effective for your work day as it is your workout.

    From the Cocksox range - CX76 Sports Brief

  8. The long john

    Catalogue images of the Cocksox CX92NG men's underwear long johns

    For the cool-climate active man, whether you're running, cycling or stretching out your yoga poses, the support and comfort of a pair of long johns is what you need when you're on the go. And with coverage from waist to ankles, this is the perfect base layer for staying warm all day in winter too.

    The key to maintaining the ideal temperature in long underwear is moisture wicking fabric. You will generate heat in any fabric, and excess heat is released in the form of moisture. But if the moisture doesn't get wicked away, as soon as cold air meets that moisture you'll be feeling the chill in no time at all. Be sure to pick a pair with plenty of stretch in the fabric as well, and a supportive pouch to keep everything in place during your workout.

    From the Cocksox range - CX92 Long Johns


Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX76SH sheer underwear sports briefs in Eros Black

So now you know the essential styles, there are also key components you need to keep in mind when choosing your perfect pair. Look for flat-seam stitching. What's this you ask? It's where the raised section of the seam joins are turned inside out, keeping the hard edge away from your skin and avoiding any irritation.

And contrary to the belief of some, pouches on men's underwear are almost never related to endowment - they are designed to enhance, support and present your package in different ways. Therefore, it pays to choose a pouch design that best suits your lifestyle and when and where you will be wearing each pair.

Underwear can also enhance the appearance of other parts of your body. A boxer will always flatter men regardless of body type, but if the hours in the gym have given you thigh muscles to be proud of, then pick a pair of briefs or square cut trunks to show them off.

And finally, while underwear is not just for Christmas, neither is it a garment for life. No matter how good it has been to you, every pair will need replacing at the right time. Just don't leave it until it's too late - after all, you wouldn't want to hear it from the one person you are meant to impress the most!

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